Beginning with our product - unique, high quality, unisex. Our collection of frames is just as diverse as our clientele. Customer service at Cleo Nicci is nothing short of amazing. All employees are kind, committed to the brand, well informed, and ensure total customer satisfaction.


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Individuality is a staple quality for Cleo Nicci. Admiring a frame but want one that you love and matches your eyedentity?

Contact us and find your match in eyewear heaven for an amazing lens customization!

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Contact us to schedule a video chat appointment with one of our eyewear stylists to be showcased exclusive in-store collections right from the comfort of your home

Sunglasses or eyeglasses, we can put your prescription in any frame! 

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Life gets hectic sometimes especially in the city that never sleeps. Damaged the frame that you loved? No worries! Any damages made to a Cleo Nicci frame can be fixed by one of our designers asap!

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