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In 2014  Manhattan New York, not only did we create glasses, we created eyewear personalities. Our mission is to provide unique, universal eyewear as fluid as you are. Self expression, quality products for a reasonable price and outstanding customer service is not only what we are known for, but what we are. And to find that in New York? Whew child...nowhere to be found. 


We guarantee there's something here for everyone. Sunglasses, optical, lense and frame customization - name it, we have it. After all, we were born in New York. You are the only you, and we recognize that. When our global design team sits down to create our eyewear, all faces are considered. We could go on and on about our product, but the most amazing thing about us is that we do not mass produce. Every design has bits and pieces of you. We see you, you see us, Cleo Nicci eyewear is the art of seeing indpendantly together. 


Cleo Nicci aims to transform the eyewear world by offering functionality, fashion, and everything in between. Cleo Nicci wants to build an unimaginable eyewear fantasy, catering to the diverse eyewear needs of clients worldwide.

~Cleo Nicci Team

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