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Parisian style has its own codes that adapt to the whims of the seasons and the evolution of fashion. 

New York style is much more varied and daring. There’s such diversity and energy — at every level — and that’s reflected in the fashion. Which color will you pick for Paris, and which one for New York.? 

1. Frame shape: Horn

2. Frame materials: premium acetate

3. Lens materials: poly

4. Lens protection : 400 UVA/UVB protection

5. Designer: New York Local Artists

6. SKU: jdj23005

7. Size: Large-please see the details on dimension picture

8. Unisex

New York or Paris

제외: 부가세 |

For US customers: Items can be RETURNED for full refund or exchanged for free within 7 days after the date of delivery without item being worn or any damage.

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