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Every single piece is jewelry. Exclusive design. 

A remarkable design with dazzling embellishments adorning rim for an exquisite and fashion-forward style statement. 

1. Frame shape: Hexagon

2. Frame materials: acetate and metal

3. Lens materials: polycarbonate

4. Lens protection : 400 UVA/UVB blocking

5. Designer: New York Local Artists

6. SKU: JW946

7. Size: Medium & Large-please see the details on dimension picture

8. Unisex

French Nicci

제외: 부가세 |
프레임 색상

When we get a sunburn, it’s the ultraviolet light that causes the burn, so it’s no secret that ultraviolet rays can be harmful. It’s also no secret that too much exposure to ultraviolet light over time can cause changes in the skin and even skin cancer. But did you know that ultraviolet light can also affect your eyes? Studies have shown that prolonged exposure to UV rays can lead to:

• Cancerous changes to the skin on the eyelids
• Benign changes on the surface of the eyes, like Pingueculae and Pterygium
• A type of corneal sunburn called Solar Keratitis
• Cataracts
• Macular degeneration
• Cancers inside the eye like Choroidal Melanoma


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