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Our Experts Pick Glasses For You

We help you choose which glasses perfectly fit your face and style, we definitely are able to  find them for you. Trust us! we are good at it.

Easy two steps.

1. You find pics of which glasses in your mind from online or somewhere. Text us few pics to customer service phone number +1 (347) 349-5985.

2. Text us a pic of printed numbers inside arm of your favorite glasses. We can see size of glasses you wearing.


That's all. We will choose glasses and text them back to you. Free service. Guaranteed Satisfaction. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed One Year Warranty Lifelong Maintenance

Life gets hectic sometimes especially in the city that never sleeps. Damaged the frame that you loved? No worries! Any damages made to a Cleo Nicci frame can be fixed by one of our designers asap!

Contact us for more information

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